Why Choose Taskworld as Your Task Management Software

You need to manage multiple tasks – from your clients, staff, scheduling, resources, milestones, and projects. No matter how small or big your team is, it communicates a lot of information, which must be overwhelming. As a result, you miss deadlines consistently, lack team collaboration, and encounter issues due to inefficient task execution. 

Do these sound familiar? 

Then that must change now! But, how do you start? 

You might want to start implementing a task management software that understands your needs and gives solutions to your organization’s problems. But make no mistake, because not all tools are created equal. If you want excellent changes within your business, Taskworld may be the right one. 

What is Taskworld?

Taskworld is a cloud-based project management solution for organizations with either small or large teams working towards a common goal. Its purpose is to combine every effort of divided groups so that no information or data is left out or lost. It also helps you organize delays, missed clients and deadlines, as well as cluttered emails. 

In a nutshell, it transforms your abstract ideas and plans into doable tasks to meet your company’s visions. In addition, it serves as the central hub for team members to collaborate, communicate and exchange their ideas and suggestions to produce positive results.

Benefits of Taskworld

Efficient Workflow and Tasks Management

Taskworld employs a user-friendly mechanism for editing, adding, and assignment of tasks. In other words, anybody within the team can utilize it without the time-consuming training since it’s easy to use. This dedicated server also uses lists and boards for better visual management of the preferences. Also, it features a centralized dashboard where you place relevant task information, including dates, notes, comments, and follow-ups. As a result, you can save time in navigating around the system just to find these details.

Saves Work Time

Every business wants to improve productivity and efficiency by saving time, and you’re not an exception. Taskworld understands this. So they ensured that their system allows you to set repeating tasks daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Through this, you don’t need to do recurring tasks again and again. Plus, it gives creative users an option to customize or beautifully design their templates to give their projects a more personalized touch.

Complete Overview of Tasks and Projects

Taskworld monitors all of your projects and tasks, allowing them to save these into an integrated database that you can access anytime. These saved data are then organized by filters, displaying them by dates, status, and assigned performers. This way, you can quickly identify specific tasks when performing research and analysis. On top of these, you can also display your projects through an interactive calendar via burndown, timeline, and burnup charts. To view all your planned tasks and identify which of them were already completed and nearing their deadline, Taskworld enabled the Tasklist Overview option.

Efficient Collaboration Tools

Communication is vital to any business. In order to achieve your goals as a team within the company, a good working relationship through effective communication is important. At Taskworld, they believe that you can accomplish this through a system that allows users to interact actively. So, they incorporated a feature in their task manager software featuring a built-in chat with both company-wide public and private channels, where you can pick whom to chat with. It supports message redirects to email ads, file sharing, and notification updates. Confidential or sensitive information may also be discussed within the chat without worrying about security since they ensured the communication channel is fully secured.