Walls for a Modern Space: Give Life to Your Surroundings

Walls, although they comprise the majority of a structure, are sometimes overlooked. Every property owner finds time to consider flooring, furniture, and accessories; however, walls can sometimes be an afterthought. Walls bring harmony to interior design. No matter what decorative elements are there, spaces tend to look drab, outdated, or cluttered if walls aren’t treated as part of the entire concept.

Practical Factors to Consider

Before applying whatever finish you want on your walls, consider the following:


Take a look at your budget and compare the costs of the options you have for your walls. Practicality means your money’s worth must be determined by how resilient your choice is. Compare Venetian plaster materials, wallpaper, and paint’s integrity. A lasting and durable wall finish can assure you that you will not be spending any time again soon.

Durability and Maintenance

Each alternative guarantees durability, but the maintenance factor is something that you should consider. How hard or easily maintaining the walls will depend on the materials used. Maintenance plays a huge part in protecting against damage. If the walls are simple to clean, this will add more years to the finish. Check out polished plaster London to see how durable their product is.


Your space will be something you must not get tired of quickly, so you need to select it well. Walls, unlike furniture or artwork, are not so easy to add and get rid of. Nevertheless, there are lots of wondrous wall finishing options that you can choose from. Speak with a designer so you can choose the perfect finish to enhance your house or workspace.

Wall Finishes to Consider

Maybe the most popular these days are these three choices. Modern homes and business spaces are notable for properly using these options; some even included all three in the design.

Polished Plaster

Tracing its roots back from the days of old, Venetian plaster or polished plaster has actually made its way back to the walls of houses and business areas. This alternative is known for its toughness and versatility. Polished plaster can adhere to any surface area, such as bricks, cement boards, or tiles.

Polished plaster is a mix of limestone putty and marble dust/chips, making it tough. Its life span is said to last decades. Those who work with this material are true artists and go through polished plastering courses. They can effortlessly manipulate this material to produce different textures, patterns, and color stains. This surface is possibly a staple in many coffee shops, retail stores, and minimalist modern homes.

Wallpaper and Wall Murals

Likewise, making their way back to the limelight, wallpaper and wall murals are a modern designer’s choice of finish. Wallpaper production has progressed, making it more durable and flexible and can last up to fifteen years. Paper is now combined with vinyl, acrylic, and other strong fibers to make it resistant to tearing, humidity, and molds.

Wallpaper and wall murals are now much easier to apply as wrinkling and tearing can be avoided. Some are even self-adhesive, so you can easily peel and stick. Wall murals are also customizable. Wallpaper companies provide different designs, making spaces more vibrant, lively, or dramatic.


The most popular and most used surface is, nonetheless, paint. Practical and economical, paint can give you a long time of service. This is possibly also the most convenient to change if you feel like it. Depending on the paint, it can last a decade on average.

Paint also has a wide range of colors; some companies can offer paint mixing services to suit your taste.


What you do to your walls will, in general, impact the interior design aspect of your area. When remodeling or constructing a brand-new house or business space, consider your walls initially to create an atmosphere that conveys your style or branding needs.