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The four OSSA member companies require anyone who enters their sites to have an OSSA Regional Orientation Credential. The OSSA Regional Orientation course is a short overview and introduction to the oilsands. Upon completion of this course you will be issued an OSSA Regional Orientation Credential by the service provider. Service Providers who offer this course are listed in the link below.

OSSA has developed Safety Training Standards (STS) for Fire Watch, Fall Protection, Elevated Work Platform and Confined Space Entry/Monitor. The training providers listed in the links below offer training programs based on the OSSA standards and are accredited by the OSSA to issue credentials based upon successful completion of their course. 

OSSA has also developed Regional Codes of Practice (RCOP) for Driving in the Mine and Safe Work Permits. Courses based on these RCOP's are offered directly by the sites.

Check with your employer to find out which, if any, of these courses are required.

Replacement Credential Cards
Service and Training Providers maintain their own student records. If you require a replacement credential card please contact the provider who initially issued the credential.  Former OSSA Training or Service Providers


As of July 1, 2015 the new Basic Safety Orientation (BSO) will replace the current OSSA Regional Orientation (ORO) and Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) courses as a pre-site access requirement at participating member work sites.

This training requirement applies only to NEW workers. If you already have proof of ORO and CSTS certification, you will continue to have site access.  The new BSO course will be introduced at locations across Canada starting in April 2015.

ORO training will continue to be available from some Service Providers until the end of June 2015.

UPDATE April 2, 2018: BSO Course is now available online, as well as offline. Click here to learn more.

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