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The Oil Sands Safety Association is not currently accepting new Training Providers. Any changes will be communicated.

How to obtain and maintain OSSA License and receive Program Accreditation

Step 1


After contacting The OSSA and receiving approval to submit, complete the administrative application form.

Step 2


Complete the administrative matrix and submit along with application form and fee to OSSA. Once approved, you may then submit your program as outlined in Step 3.

Step 3


Call OSSA to discuss program submission requirements. OSSA may , at their discretion, request ain in-person meeting with the program developer.  Upon approval of OSSA to proceed. Complete program submission requirements for each specific safety training standard you want to submit to OSSA for accreditation and submit with accreditation fee and program submission form.

Step 4


Upon receiving accreditation for program, pay annual licensing fees and purchase OSSA credential security labels.

Step 5


Maintain requirments of licensing and accreditation. Participate in requested program reviews and/or administrative audits.

Step 6

 Submit annual compliance letter and pay annual licensing fee for the upcoming year.

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