Regional Safety Rules

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Regional Safety Rules (RSRs)

In 2015 OSSA’s Regional Safety Rules (RSRs) will be recognized and commonly enforced across all approved OSSA member work sites in the Wood Buffalo area, including Canadian Natural Resources, Shell Canada, Suncor Energy and Syncrude Canada. The RSRs are designed to mitigate risks to workers and improve our overall regional safety performance. Within the 19 RSRs, 7 Life Saving Rules and associated symbols have been identified as critical based upon the history of significant incidents, injuries, and fatalities in the oil sands industry. The remaining 12 Supplemental Safety Rules will be adopted at member sites where relevant.

Six of the 7 Life Saving Rules, including their distinctive symbols, were developed by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IAOGP), which has generously allowed OSSA to adopt them within the Oil Sands. OSSA added one new Life Saving Rule related to large mobile equipment, a significant risk at oil sands mining facilities.

Watch this video overview of the Regional Safety Rules, which was produced by OSSA member company Suncor Energy and used with permission.


Resources and Materials

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