OSSA Initiatives & Campaigns


Personal Safety Collaboration (PSC) Program

In 2012, the four OSSA Owner companies came together to acheive a vision of world-class personal safety perfmormance through effective and efficient collaboration. The Personal Safety Collaboration Program is dedicated to achieving this vision through the design of an innovative technology platform and collaboration on the development of one common safety training and tracking system.

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Regional Safety Rules (RSRs)

In 2014 OSSA member companies (Canadian Natural, Shell Albian Sands, Suncor, and Syncrude) came to an agreement to standardize the way they communicate about safety. The result of this historic collaboration is a set of 19 Regional Safety Rules, including 7 Life Saving Rules, which are being adopted across all OSSA member sites in 2015.

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Basic Safety Orientation (BSO)

As part of an industry effort to increase safety performance and reduce needless duplication of training, OSSA and Keyano College are working together to introduce a new Basic Safety Orientation (BS0) course. As of July 1, 2015, BSO certification will be required for all new contract workers at participating OSSA member work sites. The BSO represents a major improvement to the content and delivery of safety orientation training.

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The following are campaigns designed to promote awareness and reduce the number of workplace incidents related to common workplace hazards. More information will be added soon.

Line of Fire