Vision and Mission

OSSA Vision and Mission:

Vision for an Incident Free Workplace

Our Mission is to:

  • increase the awareness of workplace health and safety
  • agree to and implement safety practices and/or training standards for the Oil Sands Industry
  • promote and increase the availability of quality safety training and access to safety information to the oil sands industry and for other regional workers
  • establish effective processes to evaluate and approve training programs.
  • ensure system integrity through timely program reviews and auditing.
  • establish programs and initiatives for the promotion of improved safety performance in the oil sands industry
  • Consider entering into arrangements, where appropriate, with like-minded industry, contractors, labor providers, government and other stakeholders, which support the attainment of the vision.

Download OSSA Vision & Mission (PDF)


Owners have had the Oil Sands Safety Association establish the following targets for its Members and Stakeholders over the next 5 years:

  • 20% reduction in Total Recordable Injury Frequency, every year.
  • 20% reduction in High Risk Events, every year.

By focusing on the following 4 strategic areas:

  • Health and Safety Improvement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Safety Competency
  • Safety Advocacy