Basic Safety Orientation - Online


To register you require:

  • Government issued photo ID (ie: passport, driver's license, etc.)
  • email address

You must have access to a computer with:

  • web camera on the computer/laptop
  • headset or speakers
  • internet access
  • browser in one of the latest versions (recommend Chrome)

You meet the requirements and can take the BSO Online course.
NOTE: If you do not meet the online requirements or would prefer taking this with an instructor, register to attend a classroom course through an OSSA BSO Classroom Learning Provider

To note before taking the course:

  • Online BSO is virtually proctored (monitored electronically)
  • Completing the online course takes approximately 3 hours
  • There is a 6-question quiz at the end of each of the four modules. Important: If you are to get more than one question wrong (<80%), you will need to redo the entire module.
  • There is a 20-question final exam at the end of the course. The passing grade is 80% (includes modules and final exam). You will have 3 opportunities to take the final exam. If you are unable to pass the online course, a classroom session is recommended where the instructor would be able to assist you. Read questions carefully.

To take the BSO course online:

  1. Register for the course at BSO Online Course
    1. Click Add to Cart
    2. If you are:
      1. an "Existing User" and already have an account, enter your BIS username and BIS password. Then click Login. To watch a video that describes how to switch between different BIS accounts: Click here for the video
      2. a "New User" and do not have a BIS account click Create Account:
        1. enter: Legal First Name, Middle Name or "NMN" for 'no middle name', Legal Last Name, Address, Email, Date of Birth, Password
        2. The system will create an account and provide a User Name - write it down, very important!
        3. Once the account creation is complete, you will be automatically logged in.
  2. For the virtual proctoring and for verification, you will be required to take a picture of yourself and a picture of your government issued photo ID (driver's license, etc.) into the computer camera
  3. To begin the course, click on the start button beside the BSO Online
  4. During the course, use the Pause button if you want to stop the course for a short period of time. If you need to leave the computer (even leave your chair or move away from the computer), click on the Home button.
  5. When you restart the course at a later time, log in at with your User Name and Password; you may be asked to go through the virtual proctoring verification process again.

Once you successfully complete the course:

  1. You will receive 2 emails after successfully completing the online BSO course:
    1. The first email congratulating you
    2. the second email confirming if you have been verified (your picture taken initially matches the pictures taken several time throughout the course).
      • Ensure You Wait ~ 30 mins for the second email to appear. As the verification process takes some time.
      • EXCEPTION: If you passed the course, but the verification has not been successful (even though you feel it should have been), you will be required to re-verify yourself against the pictures taken during your course. These details will be in the email.
  2. Print your certificate
    1. Upon receiving this second email, you can log back into . BSO Online appears in the Completed Training list at the bottom.
    2. Click the  icon on the right bottom corner.
    3. The certificate will then be downloaded as a jpeg file.
    4. Once downloaded, open in the viewer (like photo viewer), and print it out.
    5. Print and sign your BSO certificate
      NOTE: your certificate does not have an expiry date.
      TIP: if the BSO Online certificate is lost, simply print it out again.
  3. Verify your certificate online at
  4. Provide your feedback and input by completing the survey at BSO Online Survey

    NOTE: If you fail the course, take the classroom version of BSO. Click here to view the BSO Providers

IMPORTANT: During the account activation process, the system creates your username and allows you to enter a password. Please take note of your username and password as they MUST be used to access your account in the future.

If you require assistance, please call toll-free at 1-866-416-1660 or email